Sorry SAM

The saddest situation in life is seeing your loved one cry..

The most painful thing is when you are the reason behind your loved one’s tears..

But the most heart wrecking moment is you are unable to wipe your loved ones tear and do anything about it..

And the most frustrating moment is feeling the real value of the quote “When you love someone let them free” -SUJA SAM.



The one on one fight between You and Only You and that is – “Depression”. But what to do sometimes in the cold war between you and your depression the referee (your boyfriend😉) gets knocked !!

Diwali Fun..

Sam- Darling how was your Diwali celebration?

Suja – This year I celebrated diwali in an eco- friendly manner.. no crackers… No smoke… No pollution!

Sam – naai kaila kaasu illa atha naasukaa soldraangalaama !!

Suja – (covering her face) he he he he he he … Kandu puduchu tiya…
                                – SUJA SAM.


It was a thoughest phase of my life,

The dark shadows of negative vibes took control of me in a full swing..    

Every thing was out of my control and every single thing was against me… 

I was left hopeless with a broken heart and broken dreams….

There came my rescue angel my  SAM !!

Yup ! He changed all the negativities and cleared of my paths to positivity…

He guided me to bring out my  hidden talents when everyone stamped me as a worthless !! 

And now I’m being valued by people.. 

I’m being trusted.. And people have hopes on me.. 

Today the career I’m in is because of you  SAM !! 

Today the position i have achieved in my profession is all because of you SAM !! 

You are my Hidden Treasure !! 

Love you SAM !!   

                                           – SUJA SAM.

என் இளவரசன்..

மகுடம் சூட்டப்பட்ட 

ராணி ஆகிறேன் 

உன் மடியில் 

நான் அமர்கயில்….

என் நிலை 

மறந்து, மயங்கி, 

கிரங்கி கிடக்கிறேன்

காற்றை கிளித்து 

பாயும் உன் வேகத்தில்..

                                              =   சுஜா சாம்.

                                        (புகைப்படம் = சாம்).

Being blessed..

When this society appears to be safe and sound for women’s… But the real terrifying truth is, this society is not safe and beautiful as it appears to be… 

There are incidents happening, where a couple of months old girl abused sexually… There are happenings where a little girl who’s not even had reached the height of a adults hip being raped brutally…

Thou lot’s and lot’s of values are being thought in educational institutions, when strict values are followed religiously these unacceptable undigestable happenings still exists…

But why ? 

Is there no GOD to save these innocents…?

Then why the hell we offer so many rituals to almighty ? Though educational institutions offer sex education why is this tragedy is not yet over ?

The unacceptable truth i found , may be i felt…!

Human mind, heart and soul is a demon… A uncontrollable demon… When this demon get’s out of control and there happens such terrifying incidents…!! 

Not every women can enjoy sitting in her favourite persons lap and eat something or maybe watch something as she would have done in her childhood days not even in her own parents lap with all those old security and care (didn’t mean everyone)…. 

But by the way iam so lucky that i still enjoy the happiness of sitting in my favourite person lap (but busy doing something else.!!) 

The joy and privilege of being adored as little gir with care , support most importantly security from a person whose not your parents is a privilege… And a women who enjoys such a privilege from her husband is immensely blessed…. And iam such a blessed women… 

Your my greatest strength SAM… Love you a lot for giving me such a privilege SAM..  The security and coziness you adore me with is heavenly… Love you always…!!

                                             – SUJA SAM.


நீ ஒரு சிறந்த காதலன்..

தான் பேசுவதை கேட்க மாடார்களா என்று ஏங்கும் பெண்களுக்கு மத்தியில் என் அருவயான அதுவும் என் அழுது புலம்பும் சோகமான பேச்சை நிதானமாக கேட்டு அதற்கு பொறுமையாக பதிலும் தந்து… என் புலம்பல்லுக்கு காரணமான காயத்தயும் கண்டறிந்து அருதல் செய்வாய்…

நீ ஒரு மாயக்காரன்…


மனதில் புதைந்து கிடந்த சோகமான சுவடுகளின் சுமகளை கூட லேசாக மாற்றிவிடுவாய் உனது அன்பான உரிமையான வார்த்தைகளால்….

                                               –   சுஜா சாம்.