Humanitarianism still exists…

We are living in a world where people are so mean and selfish..

People don’t Care for one another.. they don’t bother about a suffering soul.. they don’t feel for tears…

When I felt sick of this world..

Met a stunning person full of enthusiasm and care on Madurai to chennai maelur highways..

When people on road hesitated to help a couple who met with a accident..

When the person who hit the couple stood like a stone…

Mr.Ashish Krishna you just get on to the road.. helped the couple without a second thought…

More than your help I could see your care, concern and love..

Me and my SAM are proud to honour you in our blog..

Salute Mr.Ashish Krishna, we respect your selflessness.. you are a true humanitarian.. you are a true inspiration..



Understanding myself..

Sometimes I fool myself that my love for you has faded away..

But you made me realize that my love for you has crossed miles.. and reached extreme..

limitless love can’t be over poured. so,it makes one’s heart stiff and hard that we stop expressing our love..

Love you Sam for understanding me and making me under myself..

Lucky enough..

You are lucky enough, if you get a person who is your

Best Friend..



Food tester..

Room mate..

Soul mate..

Travel mate..

Boy friend..

Partner in crime..


Your worstest enemy…

The best person you have ever known…

and you are actually blessed when he is your husband too…

And I’m damn blessed… I have my SAM by my side.. you are my everything Sam.. you make me complete every second..

I have the best human by my side…

I Love You SAM… Love you.. missing you like anything..


Being in(into) your love is fun..

Being in love is fun..

It makes you do crazy things..

Sometimes you don’t know what you are doing is right or the other way around..

It makes you forget what is happening around you….

By the way your wired behaviour will make people think that you are a psycho…

In love with this psychiatric behaviour…


I’m the queen of your heart..



You tried playing hide n seek with my love….


Time came and I decided to drop from the game….


And that’s the point where my love started playing one on one with you…


You lost!



And now my love is crowned in your heart forever… I Love You..

 -Suja Sam.




My first e-book..

Happy and excited to announce that my first e-book has been launched in Amazon Kindle. Thank you for the encouragement SAM and thank you my dear WordPress followers, beloved bloggers for giving me the guts to publish the book.

First time announcing..

I’m very much proud and happy to announce my dear sista Niveda Sanjith’s make-up service.

Do shower your love by visiting her Facebook page Veda Makeover Artistry

Wishing you all success dear sisy!

Suja Sam.