Thank u dear friends,As per ur wish shobana…

I was very happy sharing my blog’s link with all my friends some of my friends really encouraged me Sukanya babu, Deepika, nivedha thirukumaran, dinesh sivalingam, priya sharon , suguna dinesh, shobana, suganya dolly, goutham sundar and many other friends including SAM..!!  All your suggestions and comments are valuable to me…thank you for giving me confidence..

my dear friend shobana wanted her words to be displayed in my blog and i’m doing that with a pride ..!!! Here is her words..

 Once namba oru life la commit ayetom na namba avangaluku unmaiya irukanum . Avanga mela romba care pananum . Wat ever we do they will reflect like mirror

Once if we commit ourself in love with someone we should be true to them… No matter what we should care for them…whatever we do to them..they will reflect like a mirror…


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