To all those people who ask my children’s gender…

Whenever i’m out with my childrens everybody asks about my children’s gender… I happily reply them both my children’s are GIRL’S… But their awkward replies irritate me a lot… They either say what both are girls !! Oh i really feel sorry for you..achoo god has no grace for u , how your gonna marry these too girls and all such idiotic questions and replies..!! The sad part is these questions are mostly asked by womens… To all those disgusting people especially ladies.. Don’t you think before saying those words and feeling sorry for baby’s gender, if it’s a girl… You are a girl too..sometimes i even doubt about you people’s gender..!! You people always want every married girl to have a boy baby.. if every single women gives birth to a boy baby in the future to whom you’ll marry your son’s too?… I think you’ll opt for a gender change surgery .. and sameway how will your generation grow , how will you have a grandchildren? Oh shit i’m an idiot you’ll go for a testtube babies right!! And how dare you people question to all mother’s of girls about our daughters marraige when they are so young kids.. there are lot more things for our girls before marraige and we better than you people have much more concern for our daughter’s … Please shut your nasty mouths and plan for your future budgets for test tube babies n gender changing surgeries… and to all the male dominants over here who also want only boy baby.. whom will you call as a mother, sister n all.. who will cook for you n take care of your homes..and finally to whom will you show your physical love??? Please grow up people for godsake.. And finally i personally heared of a saying or maybe a belief that people who make sins are not bleassed with a boy baby and they give birth only to girls..!! To all those nuts , please stop your sayings keep your bullshit falls beliefs within yourself.. if parents of girl childrens are sinners we don’t specially i don’t mind to be a sinner not once but even 10,000 times.. Girl babies are not a bane they are boon to us..angels from the god given straight to us..and we are really proud to be the mother of girl baby’s..!!! Iam not against boy babies but girl babies are not garbagges…!! They are right equal to boys…!! Iam Proud to be a mother of two girls…!! 


4 thoughts on “To all those people who ask my children’s gender…

  1. Well said. If we all followed their logic people would be extinct in no time at all. But maybe that is not a bad thing if they are judgemental, girl hating people. We don’t need any more of those on our planet.
    Written by the mother of three daughters. 😉

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