Those places where u accompained me..

Ohh my god how strong my love is… How strong it had its impact on me.. i really felt my love’s impact only when i went to the places alone , where once we joined our hands togather walked and played like an year old kid who is amused to see new things…those seashores that sang us love rhythem ones now reminded me sad notes…!! Onces the same place where we noted lovers and happy people, that very same place showed me a different scenes… thrown empty bottles, small boats sailing without any person, a lonely old man sleeping on the sand who had been watched by thousand eyes, empty boats, vendors with sad faces and a fading sun…Everything was sad to me there.. but our daughters were really happy and i was amused at their so happy faces..!! And thats the point i realized everything there in the beach was the same and iam the person who was disturbed by my sad heart which reminded me of my love’s absences .. my SAM‘s absence… Without you and your love my heart , eyes and mind couldnt see anything happy SAM… This is not just words this is my true EXPERIENCE…LOVE YOU SAM..


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