To all those who comment about a girl’s dressing…

Dear nehibours, ladies and men who comment bad about a girl’s dressing if she wears a modern costume, jean and a top especially!! iam really bound to say u this..Dress is just a dress that covers are skin and thats it… Our character doesn’t depened on what kind of dresses we wear..  clothes are ment only to hide the flesh…what ever clothe we wear it should cover our flesh and thats more than enough… Iam not against sarees but dear aunties those transparent sarees you people wear our so so transparent like a window mirror and it shows all your tressures that has to be hidden and uncle’s your so called shorts are so short than it has to be.. please take a note of that before commenting our fully covered dressing…same way i dont support girls who wear jean n top or any dressing so tight that reveals your body’s beauty quite awkwardly… whatever the costume we wear it should suit us and more than that we should feel comfortable about that… if anybody dont like a girl’s dressing just close your eyes and walk away dont comment bad about us.. dont judge a book by its cover…!!! All those girls who show their skin and dress up modernly are not prostitutes…sameway all those girls who doesnt reveal their skin and wear only a trafitional costumes arent SITA’s….!! Stop commenting and start to grow up please..!!


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