Yes, all those who love someone is one time or other possesive about the person they love…possesiveness is the right of us, we have all the rights to get possesive over the person we love..nobody can’t stop us from loving the person we love eventually nobody cant stop us getting possesive..!! eventhough sometimes our possesiveness annoys the very same person we love.!! 

Especially we women get possesive, when the person we love talk to a girl infront of us…thats not only because we are jelous its also because we want our betterhalf to stay away from heart hurting happenings,  we want everything the best for you people…more than that we love you people more than our ownself, we cant cross even a single momment without you guys , moreover there is no relationship in this world more important than you guys…we adore you , care you more than any one in this world and we swear it… 

possesiveness is different from doubting and we swear how can we doubt ourself..So, those who getting annoyed by the possesiveness of your beloved try to understand their love towards you…and all those possesive people over here possesiveness has two sides like a coin a good effect and a bad effect , tosing your coin too much will land your love in trouble … Beware of it..!!!!


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