Understanding is equally imporatant to trust as to be successful in our relationship… Understanding the person we love is a very difficult task indeed…!! More than a possesive partner a understanding partner is the one that every human beings want and long for….

There is a major difference between really understanding the person we love and really mean it, and pretending that i have understood him/her very well and i know everything about him/her, like me let he/she understand me by themself.. this is merely a over confidence and an foolish attitude… How can a person understand what is running in his/her heart and mind without they opening their mouth and share it…!! 

This is type of attitude is disgusting actually… And i was such an disgusting person too.. i was actually fooling myself that i know everything about my SAM and i have understood him very well..but it was actually not so… I had been pretending myself.. sameway , i wanted my love to understand everything running on my mind..i wanted him to read my silence..how foolish was i!! My SAM actually the one who pointed my mistake and pulled me out of this foolishness ..!! Yes , he made me understand him very well now..he spoke with me and made me to realize how idiotic i was ….how stupid my attitude was.. but every single person cant get a partner like my SAM.. to cuddle you and point your mistake, correct it and stay with you…(im lucky to have u SAM) ..

So what i learned from my love…

nobody in this world cant read anybodys mind or heart eventhough we love someone truly…!! Love and understanding are different paths..when both the paths join to be a single lane we end up in a successful relationship…!!


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