The man’s positivity…

A husband is not just a relation it is he who stands like a pillar for his is only by his support a women guides rest of her family in a peaceful path..if a husband (i.e) the pillar collapse then the whole family will be shattered…!! 

There is a famous saying behind every successfull men there is a women , i do agree with it but BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFULL RELATIONSHIP AND A PEACEFULL FAMILY THERE IS A MAN..!! HIS SILENT SACRFICES, HIDDEN PAINS AND ABSOLUTE ADJUTMENTS…!!

If a boy doesn’t support a girl in the relationship, however strong the girl is somehow the relationship’s base will be shaken…if a boy thinks he will build the relationship up above the sky.. but, if he thinks to collapse, he’ll dump it deep inside the is not that girls are incapable but a BOY’s support for a girl will make wonders..!!

SAM’s support for me had wonders in my life..To me sam holding my hand itself is a great support and i love that…!! whenever he hold my hands all my stress , depression and pain runs away like a theif running away from getting cought..!! That too when he holds my hand tight a positive love vibration will pass all over my body, automatically all my fear will run and jump out of my window pane…!! Funny aint it !! But it’s true.. From sam’s support only i learnt the positivity of a male’s support for a girl…and you are lucky if you get such a support..!!!

                                                              – SUJA SAM.



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