We began our relationship as friends… Then we moved to be best friends for ever even without our knowledge… Knowingly we decided to take our relationship to a serious commitment..

Our characters , point of views everything were totally different….     You were one end of a string and i was another end, a very far end actually..!!                                                                                         

The spirit of love was so powerful that it bounded us togather with unbreakable knots ..!!!  When you decided to hold my hands so tight ,  i never thought you’ll become my everything….!!! But that happened naturally…!!                                                                                                   

 Those special moments of mine become ours….!!!!!When you helped me to walk by catching my shoulders all the way through my pregnancy…!!there is no safest place for me than hugged inside your arms..!!                                                        

your love for me is immense….That moment you removed my slippers infront of everyone without any hesitation…!! When you held my hands into your hands when i was under traetment..!! That love in your eyes… Aaahhhh thats actually magical…!!!!      


you have never hesitated showing your love for me …Your simple actions also showed me that you loved me….You showed your love just with single peice of raw mango…We travelled miles to get those mangoes…!!

Unknowingly now your unto me…your my everything, couldnt even imagine a single momment , a single happening without you…!!                             

Heared of a famous christian saying when your in the dark , if you seek to lord, god saves you from the dark by sending the light…     

Thats a  true saying.. i was in dark , i seeked love (love is god ) love saved me from sending the light SAM…

Sam your my light…a light that glorified me..love you sam..!!

                                                          – SUJA SAM .


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