Every lovers and couples will surely have a first long trip and that trip are very very close to their hearts…!! Usually everybodys place of long trips would be either to goa, ooty , banglore, kodaikanal etc etc romantic places but our first long trip is different..!!

our first long trip was to the THOONGA NAGARAM MADURAI… Madurai always close to our hearts…i love to explore new cities but i have some fears exploring..
But SAM accompained me right from boarding till returning… Our first visit there togather… After our 10 th std tour this is the first long bus travel we were going togather…!!

Our exploring madurai started from paandi kovil..such an auspicious temple and thats the root place for our love.. how will i forget SAM’s looks when i draped saree…  I have been in many costumes but i have never seen sam looking at me in a naughty way but saree made wonders… Its a secret saree sentiment of we south indian womens actually…!!

There is no great gift than our love getting a bunch of flower for a sentimental girl like me..!! And yaahh i was gazzing myself in the mirror when SAM kept those flowers on my hair…. No ornament was special to me than those flower garlands that you got me sam…

Meenakshi amman temple, that grand palace.. its still haunted in my mind… our love took a different level.. a bold step in our love indeed…  You placed the sacred holy kungumam on my forehead… That spotaneous precious momments… Again a hindu girl’s sentiment… I long for those momments again…!!

And finally that tasty tasty jigirthanda, my first encounter with that and i have fallen in love with jigirthanda at the first sight itself… I think i have fallen in love with that jigirthanda because you gave me after tasting it…!! 

A new place… A new adventure… And the company of our love…!! That would be life fulffiling moments…!! And you gave me such cherishing moments love  you SAM..!!


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