Your strongly making me strong…

Everyone will have a very difficult situation in a particular phase of life’s journey…. Life’s path is full of ups and downs it depends on how we cross it with ability and support… A good and strong support is the secret will power for our heart… Our journey of life becomes adventurous and peaceful on who’s hands we catch for a support…!!! 

Iam in such a difficult phase of life right now… I realized support doesn’t mean that person helps us financially… Support merely relies on the care, concern and love from our beloved…

Every single phone call from SAM makes me strong… Each and every caring words makes my day bright… A single word of text brings broad smile on my face… infact SAM is the key of my strenght…

Being with positive people will drive us to positivity that too we are lucky if we get a partner who is full of positivity… SAM is such a positive personality of my life… These hard times makes me strongly weak…  How ever strongly i become weak a few seconds of conversation with SAM makes me strongly bold… Its SAM’s positivity that influences my heart to be stronger…!!!

Falling in love with your positivity SAM… Love you SAM… Your a wonderful positive creativity of GOD..!! Growing and learning with your support…!!!

                                                       – SUJA SAM.


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