The true success of a relationship depends on the strength of the trust in that relationship…it is very very difficult for a person to bring up trust on them that too its difficult for men to bring trust on a womens heart… 

But once a women starts to trust a guy i’m damn sure nobody can’t break the trust other than the very same guy she trusts…

Trust can’t be build intentionally.. it has to happen automatically in a relationship.. where there is a trust, there is a very strong bond that lasts forever and ever…!!!

But once the trust is shaken, how much ever we love that person there will be pin hole sized doubt on them….we sometimes cheat ourselves saying i trust him/her unconditionally…. But that’s really really a tough task to work upon…. Its very difficult to mend our heart to trust the love again…

Once a flower garland is dried it can’t decorate a god’s feet…. It cant be offered to anyone either…!! Sameway broken trust can’t be replaced with a strong trust in love or relationship whatsoever…. !!!

If you break a trust of the person who loves you unconditionally and if you get a chance from the same person…their love for you is immense and unshaken… Love that person whole heartedly no matter what you gain in your relationship at the end of your life you’ll have a never ending love which we human beings long for…!!

                                                – SUJA SAM .


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