PROSTITUTE – this is a very strong and a common word used to describe and damage the reputation of a women… No matter how good character that women holds , if that women is hated by people she’ll be given this title…

The very easy and priceless hashtag that a women gets without any special effort is the hashtag #prostitute

If a women dress up the way she likes, shows up some off her skin, lets her hair loose, wears a bold colour lipstick, puts on some kajal to add up some glitters to her attitude, if she’s straight forward, speaks out whats on her mind, laughs out lowdly, has a no of male friends, posts maximum no of selfiees.. look what happens that hashtag follows up either before her name or behind her name…

Fed up with this so called norm.. # hashtaaging a women with the word prostitute.. this word deeply hurts a women when she’s been addressed by this way…  

when i think upon this word it kindled my inner voice, the best way to describe the inner voice is its a lovable women’s heart actually… 

Prostitute is a name given to women who is a sex worker, a women who chooses sex as her proffession.. being a women i questioned myself is being a sex worker a easy task ? and i answered to myself wholeheartedly… Ahhhh the answer was a BIG NO.. it is not at all possible easy task as how easyily people use the word to describe their hate against a women…!! 

Being in sexual intercourse with a person we love itself needs a lot of time , commitment, mind set, love and affection and offcourse some passion… Being a sex worker , a women has to indulge herself straightway in sex with a unknown person where her mindset, health, commitment and love is not valued nor has a place at all… She is a women too .. she has a heart… Physical touch will surely create a affection in her heart for that person cause she’s a human being too… She also crave for love… But what fate has made her to choose sex as her proffession, all her love, affection, commitments , mindset and health are replaced by papers and coins – MONEY. 

A prosritute kills her heart , her emotions and her body every day… but nobody holds note of her pain… As for me prostitute is not a filthy hashtag here then.. i see a prostitute as a women with a very very strongest heart.. a magical creation of god who can manage and control her emotions according to her will and wish… 

According to hindhu mythologies and as for my knowledge a hindhu godesses has a very strong powerful soul how far she has been tried to be taken down by evil at the end she’ll rise up and save the universe.. iam seeing the very same will power in the # hashtag PROSTITUTE… How manytimes a prostitutes emotions are killed they rises up again with a bold smiling face…!! Prostitutes are a strongest souls..!!

A kind request to all those who are reading my post.. The saddest truth is prostitue hashtag is mostly throwned on a women by a women more than a male.. here then think once before using the word prostitute for a wrong addressing… Remeber the pain of the sex workers and how strong their will power is..!! Stop seeing them negatively and start seeing their strength and positivity..!!

                                                       – SUJA SAM.



5 thoughts on “Prostitute..!!

  1. What u hv posted is 100% truth about this title sis, mostly these kind of title is given by elder women in our society to young girls. Not by men or teenage grls which is the worst part.

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  2. When we ask for t reason they blindly say tat the way these grls carry themselves is oly to attract the boys . In this way ty r also encouraging t guys nd blaming and cursing grls for no reason.

    These elder women who r wearing sarees by showing there hip, still boys nd even old men see in wrong way at these women. So does it mean in t same way .

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    1. Ha ha ha ha ha just surf my blog da have posted the very same content in one of my posts… Aunties wear a transparent low hip sarees and blouses and point on us wearing a fully covered jean n top…disgusting ppl..


  3. I agree with you. Really it’s a painful. Everyone should feel and realise not to address in that manner. We should respect women. Most of the insults made to a woman is by another woman only in the society. I ask all the women to respect your fellowship.

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