Character flaw..

Yup iam a women with so many character flaws in my love relationship.. iam a women who is extremely selfish when it comes to my partner and my relationship..

Every women don’t expose their orginal attitude or character to their love , they adjust their charcater hide their emotions, their emotions are on their control… Such womens are called well charactered girl and women like me who are very transparent and straight forward in their attitude and character are called charactered flawed women, bad charactered women and all that..

Iam bad tempered… I don’t like when  he hang around with his friends… I hate when he spends too much time in entertainments…. I really get a bad temper when he give more importants to his family… I don’t appreciate when he care too much for others …i get angry when his phone line is busy.. i feel irritated when he is online and not sending me atleast a blank text…i cant accept the fact that he replaces my place with something or someone else even its for few seconds.. All these I’s may sound selfish but all these I’s are because i love him.. i love him more than any one and i know it….

When he choosed to be mine then he’s mine …. For him my love might sound like selfishness.. sometimes for him i may sound like a harmful person because character flaw is a mental illness itseems… what ever it is i love him and i assure him with a never ending love… I promise him that i love him to the fullest without a single break until my last breath…

Finally, my selfish love may be addressed as a character flaw but for me and women like me its our way of emotion.. we are irritating, sometimes we make you feel , it sucks ! but our love is so pure and true..we need a person who accepts all our character flaws and we don’t really feel good when the person we love, lies or hides from us instead of accepting us just because we hold a character flaw….

                                             – SUJA SAM.


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