changing colours – The chameleon’s….

Every sunrise has something new for us. each day will not be the same as the other. we come across so many people in our life, some come and go, some create a strong bonding with us and stay for a life and time, some people depend upon us and we depend upon few…. However the people we meet are we must show them a good affection as much as we can….

This was my attitude towards relationships and friendships in the past… Oh shit ! that was actually not so true. people are like chameleon’s , they always change according to their will and wish and expectations…

People nowadays are with outward character. There is no point in showing affection to someone who act on the outside . we are never respected for our love and affection alone , To get back inreturn affection and respect from everyone all we need is a good bank balance , a charming appearance and a little care and love, even if don’t have true affection an little acting is just  enough..!!

My present have thought me so many unhealable lessons . The friends whom i used to roam about treated me like a waste garbage… when i was in a good position every single person i met adored me but when my problems twisted me upside down and everything was wrong around me all those who adored me pricked me with their annoying looks…

Every single friends and relatives pissed me of with their silence, they even increased my frustrations with their avoiding activities…

Finally all these so called friends and relatives thought me a perfect lesson for my entier life time..  

“Friendship and love shouldn’t be begged..”

our  love is never valued if we don’t have enough financial status… As for now all the persons whom i beleived as my friends and relatives are the reason for the tectonic change in my views towards love, life , friendships and relationships..

I have become needy these days . but the way every single human treated me has made me a thick skinned women.. my heart is soft but its made of sterner stuff !! nothing can break me anymore.

whatever happens , whoever comes and moves away there is always one soul left behind my side supporting me in all my crucial situation is my SAM.. Love you and iam always thankful for yout support SAM..!!


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