Hoping for a change..

The time you cought my cold hands and gave me the warmth of your love, i never knew that i won’t get the same warmth every day…

sun and stars take up their changing turns.. but fate has ruined our life with unchanging wounds..

single day pass by searching for my happiness, but will i be able to find out my happiness without you..

people keeps musing at my sad face, how will i say them that you have sealed my smile within your arms…

our pillows are getting bored, to see my slepless face dumped into it..

our bed covers have become dried, without getting up wet by our playful love..

we were blessed by saviour to be partners, but he cheated us by forgetting to make us stay togather…

little flowers bloom by day that inspires me that our life will change…

iam thanking god for blessing me with you, am praying him for our togatherness….

wish we will stay togather one day , like the honey bees reach their hives after work…!!

stay strong with care and hope my dear love, we will change all the frustrations into lots of love…

And everything will change some day..!! Love you  SAM, for being you..!!

                                                     – SUJA SAM.


5 thoughts on “Hoping for a change..

  1. I am not sure of something in my life but sure of someone is going to share my life and end my life with her in happiness.


    1. Hi Ratchagar S R I hope you find what you are looking for and share your happiness till the end… But never be unsure of anything in your life… Your decisions and choices makes who you are… Peace Bro
      …. SAM


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