The delight of being a evildoer..

Iam a kind of women who follow certain values right from my childhood… i value every single persons life and i have never ever thought of harming someone… i give great respect to peoples emotions even if they are my enemies and i respect everyone equally with a smile…. i always used to keep ringing inside my heart that I’am a down to earth person and with love and care i can make wonders !!.. 

ahhh alas ! its time for the change …. after enormorous warnings from my SAM i learnt a life’s lesson. Being so nice to everyone will always put you deep down into the pit, under the foot’s of nasty people indeed… 

we should be like a mirror by being kind to the person who’s kind to us… and being dreadful to who are dreadful to us..!! 

some people will be keep on harming us by words and actions . they won’t stop even if we say its painfull.. they’ll actually enjoy our pain. being kind to such people are like making ourself a fool !!! such person should be taught a lesson only by giving back the pain…!!

yes SAM ! i agree to ur words… its so trues such people feel our pain only when we give them back the same pain…. its a unforgottable lesson you have taught me. 

There is so much elite in being a kind person but it needs lot of hardwork and patience and acceptance… but being a bad person is such an easy task…. Moreover there is actually so much FuN and Delight of being a evildoer…. 

And again SAM your both my good spell and a evil spell…!! LOVE YOU SAM..!!

                                              – SUJA SAM.


4 thoughts on “The delight of being a evildoer..

  1. At last Suja 😍 I’m so happy that you realised about how you must be to the people who enjoys others pain… It took time.. not my kind of realisation but still… Love you always.. as I love you forever more…❀❀❀

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  2. True sis this suits ma life as well I was also dng the same kind of mistake in my life but I learnt on my own . that is what helping me to live my life in this society now . took time , loss but I’m happy for who I’m now .

    Hope you too would have realised.
    we both are an exact reflection for each other .

    Happy to have a sis like you lov u lot akka .

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