our emotions are said through words.. we express ourself with the most possible words or sentences that’ll suit our emotion at that point of time..
In all the languages there are so many words to express ourself…. we chennai people express our emotion with a single word and that word conveys our emotions exactly the way we feel it… we express joy, pain , grief, happiness, frustrations, anger, annoyance with that one single word…

and we chennaists can’t give our exact feel of our emotions with any other alternate fillers.. people from other part of the city may find that word annoying maybe filthy.. but we guys feel it as more than a word.. its an emotion… moreover that single word connect our chennaist where ever we are..

probably most of my chennai buddys would have found that word by now.. aalas !! its time to reveal that emotional word , that word along with which were grown… that word which created us a bond.. that word which made us laugh out loud … that word which even made us break our friendship at times is **THA…!!

**THA is not just a filler word its our emotion !!



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