Anguish of a rape victim..

Every second a girl , a women is raped somewhere….. when we get to know about it, its just a news and its a miniute moment of grief for us… but what would be running inside the heart of the victim….


 I was a cute little girl, my papa n mama’s little darling !! I was like a sweet millet bird throught my 15’s , i was a mild musical journey in all my friends life’s.. after my 18’s i was a butterfly with all the colours sprayed in my wings ready to flutter and add colours to the people all around me… my parents were so proud of me but i never realized their worries about my safety…

Black spell had fallen on my colour full feathers… my wings were torn before it spluttered to fly all around… how could you people do this to me? didn’t i was like your sister whom you helped to walk? didn’t i remind you of your mother who brought you to this world ? don’t i sound like your cousin ? ain’t i look like your best friend ? will you accept if the same harm happens to your family girl?

i was my parents lil  queen ! how will i face them ? how will i face my friends ? how will i face my lover , how will i say him that the precious gift that i had for him is stolen , its destroyed ! how iam gonna express it to my relatives and friends ? 

how iam gonna face this society as rape victim ?  will people look at me the same way they used to ? will my parents , friends be the same to me? will i get back with my love ? will this society accept me?

what about my future ! will my dream wedding happen ? will i hold his hands ? will i get a family ? will i be publicized in media? will i be reasoned that its my fault for this happening ? will i be bullied? will i be shamed ?

will i live or die ? will my physical pain heal soon? will i get out of this tourment? will i overcome this fear? will i again become a victim ? 

i have a heart , i had a dream , everything is shattered why god why did you let this happen ? why did you bring me as a female child to this world ? 


God you created me as a beautiful angel, but god, beautiful angels are easily tortured and hammered to death !! let me be the last fallen angel !! God either make changes to male’s vigourousness on sex or create women as WARRIOR ANGELS than a beautiful pretty angels !! 

                                                    – SUJA SAM.


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