It was a thoughest phase of my life,

The dark shadows of negative vibes took control of me in a full swing..    

Every thing was out of my control and every single thing was against me… 

I was left hopeless with a broken heart and broken dreams….

There came my rescue angel my  SAM !!

Yup ! He changed all the negativities and cleared of my paths to positivity…

He guided me to bring out my  hidden talents when everyone stamped me as a worthless !! 

And now I’m being valued by people.. 

I’m being trusted.. And people have hopes on me.. 

Today the career I’m in is because of you  SAM !! 

Today the position i have achieved in my profession is all because of you SAM !! 

You are my Hidden Treasure !! 

Love you SAM !!   

                                           – SUJA SAM.


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