A Letter to my friend..

Dear friend, you know you are the person with whom I tasted friendship after year’s… Thought you were such a crappy annoying person, you helped me eliminate my loneliness, you rejuvenate my mood..you helped me to stay relaxed..you helped me to re-paint my old memories… You were my partner in crime…. Sometimes you warned me.. sometimes you guided me.. you never love to listen to my sad stories.. you lie to me but hide it in the cutest way possible… You are a flirt though you don’t dare to behave wrongly…you are not perfect, you have so many flaws, you ill treated me, you judged my character but still I love you with all your imperfections…

I know everything and everyone is not permanent and static..that too in my life I can’t expect permanent people.. I thought I can hold your hands atleast for a decade but you have some other plans you pointed something and you decided to leave me…I failed to earn your love and trust. So, you decided to leave me back in the darkness and terrible loneliness…. Now I’m literally out of emotions…

Praying to God..
Dear God, Please give me a friend who accepts and stands by my side knowing all the terrifying situations around me and never leave my hands in any point without a valid reason. God please help me control myself from calling or texting my friend but please bring him back to me. please give him everything the best in life. Don’t let any pain or sorrows hound him. Always let the best never ending love and affection to bound him.

A last word to my dear friend..
Dear friend, You are not alone, if you are in trouble and don’t find a solution get back to me. If you feel lonely turn back and come to me. If you want to feel the real love never hesitate call me. The only thing I request you is Please give me a chance a another chance, I will surely be your support in your pain.

Suja Sam.


2 thoughts on “A Letter to my friend..

  1. You gave the actual definition for Best Friend and I dn see a person like you in my life..Really Really very proud to have a friend like you and I dn want to miss you anymore idiot.

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