The wide angle view…..

JUDGING a loved one close to your heart is a stupid decision that one could ever do… and iam one such stupid who judged my SAM.. my LIFE .. and that too my judgement was a totally wrong… !!  How foolish was i…!! Judging your loved is like throwing stones on the mirror that shows your own image…!! Alas the loss and pain is only yours.. people are not exactly with the same character as we judge them… Even SAM is not the way i thought of…

Personal confession to you SAM..

Here the title says it’s personal then why am i posting in a public blog ?? Yes because i wanted all those people who judged you wrongly to know that they are actually slapped by your awesomeness SAM… I thought your an womenizer, you can’t control your physical emotions and iam accepting you with all the flaws but your in-human , you don’t love me like i do, your not geniune and all filthy blah blah’s… How so dumb i could be… !! I almost gave you all the filthy hashtags to your character…!! And thank God almighty that iam not late in realising my mistake of judging you extremely wrong…. And to know the real beauty in your character….. !

The fact..

SAM sorry first of all that it was my mistake that i was not confident about the decision we took and i was out of the line … You are such a charm that you managed to adjust with me when i was the odd number to the decision we took… You never pointed my mistake unless and until i pushed you to an extreme…  iam actually blessed by almighty SAM that’s why God showed me the real you and he doesn’t want to me to miss you and he knows my life will be out of track if you are not in my life…Your love for me is so imense.. you never ever failed to prove that to me and iam a stupid as i said earlier i judged you.. 

You manged to travel about 600 kms … About more than 10 hours just to see my sullen spent a large sum when you are out of cash just to see this foolish idiot actually… You always adored me…. Cared me in whatever the way i was to you..  may i was extremely wrong or may i was extremely good…. 


You know SAM now iam feeling extremely guilty… How could i do this to the person whom i loved wholeheartedly… You are one of kind person …. You always filled me with love and care no matter how hard i was to you .. your adjustments to my stupidity… Your calmness towards my anger… Your care towards my depression… Your extreme adjustment towards my filthy accusation…. You never let me alone even after all this pain i gave you SAM… You are always been by my side no matter what …. Iam blessed and lucky to have you in my life SAM….

I have heared that human beings are tend to make mistakes but if they realise and ask for pardon to the almighty he will forgive us…. SAM you know i felt your forgiveness and mercy over me when your love touched my soul… Your love has cleansed my soul… LOVE YOU SAM sorry for the troubles i have given you…. Pardon me for the attrocities i have made till date…  

Never ever ever will i dare to be a sinner once again SAM… Sorry for all this SAM …. LOVE YOU always but without JUDGEMENTS….

                                       –    SUJA SAM.


4 thoughts on “The wide angle view…..

  1. Hi Suja… It’s your Sam… Never ever mention your love to me as stupidity… It’s not fair.. as everyone has a way of showering love upon their loved one you did the same to me in a way so so unique to you… You love has never been a pain in the arse to me ever… Except the pain I have from travelling… Love you always Suja as I loved you before and for ever after… Your acts are never been a stupidity to me.. I just saw them as the way Suja showed love to me.. kind of different violent possessive and something worth to die for… You are worth to die for… Love you…😍😍😍

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